Ciarán Wynne and Eamonn Flood have known each other since childhood and for the last few years have been creating music together. They share a love for a wide variety of music, but they’ve both always had a deep understanding and feeling for blues.

They bonded over the music of Irish blues superstars of Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy. Ciaran and Eamonn are both great musicians, hard-working, positive and good to be around.

This Irish blues duo is looking forward to playing at The 18th International Blues and Rock Festival in Altzella this year.


Ciarán Wynne is an Irish-born singer/songwriter and guitarist from Kildare town in Ireland. For the past three decades, Ciarán has been writing, recording, and touring throughout Europe and North America.

To date, Ciarán has recorded 3 solo albums: No way Home, Turquoise and Brown, and Heading for the Sun. He’s presently working on his fourth album, will be ready for spring 2020.

This is Ciaran’s third tour of Germany, but his first time at The International Blues and Rock Festival in Altzella.


Eamonn Flood is an accomplished session musician and bass player who was also born and raised in Kildare Town in Ireland. Eamonn is comfortable in all styles of playing, from electric and acoustic guitar to double bass .

Eamonn has been playing music all through his life and has been touring and throughout Ireland and Europe and recording with Ciaran for the past 5 years.

Eamonn is delighted to share some of their music together at Altzella’s